• How can I apply for Payfy ?

    For Registration, Please follow the link: payfy.me/apply.html

  • Which card transactions are acceptable

    VISA / MasterCard

  • What Businesses does Payfy support?

    Online Shops, Crypto Platforms

  • Which currencies is Payfy available to process?

    EUR , USD, GEL

  • What service fee does Payfy have for local and foreign merchants?

    The Service fee Varies and is determined by the type of Merchant's business activity

  • Which are those countries that Payfy does not accept card payments from?

    High-Risk Jurisdictions defined by the National Bank of Georgia

  • Can I monitor transaction history with my account?

    Yes, you can monitor your transaction history from your account

  • Who will have access to my personal data?

    The access to the merchant's personal information will have only Payfy and acquiring Bank.

  • How can I complete the integration process?

    For integration, you can follow Payfy technical documentation https://payfy.me/documentation,html or contact our support team: [email protected].

  • Who can help, if I have a problem with signing in?

    If you have some trouble with your account, contact us anytime: [email protected]

  • Who are those customers that Payfy does not enter into a business relationship with?

    The provider does not build and /or keep a business relationship with the customers engaged in economic activities that create a very high risk of money laundering, and terrorism financing.